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“Midi en France” une émission gorgée de Roanne et de la Loire à consommer sans modération !



Vincent Ferniot remet la médaille de Midi en France au chef Pierre



Nous ferons volontiers l'économie de l'énumération des sujets proposés pour regarder, sans plus attendre les images qui nous montrent Roanne et sa région en 3 Dimensions.




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(*) Pierre BONTE a publié de nombreux ouvrages parmi lesquels :   

- BONJOUR MONSIEUR LE MAIRE (Editions de la Table Ronde). - LE BONHEUR EST DANS LE PRE (Editions Stock). - VIVE LA VIE (Editions STOCK). - LES RECETTES DE MON VILLAGE (Editions 1). - HISTOIRES DE MON VILLAGE (Edition 1). - MARIANNE, LES VISAGES DE LA REPUBLIQUE (Editions Gallimard). - BONJOUR LA FRANCE (Editions CPE), tomes 1 et 2. - LE BONHEUR ETAIT DANS LE PRE (Editions Albin Michel). - C'ETAIT LE BON TEMPS (Editions Albin Michel)
       " Midi in France " a sip emission Roanne and Loire to consume without moderation !

Full marks for the small screen

27> 31 January 2014 at 10:50
Midi in France / FR 3

We know our department is struggling to position itself on the map of France even Troisgros is renowned gastronomy worldwide. Too often we crossed the cameras came to film various events : fire where breaches in the canal, or social events and plant closures not to mention of course the advent of personalities like presidents.

Pierre Bonte (*) , who joined the team lunch in France, told us his joy of a new round of deep France with television. In 1959 he was the first to speak at Mayors of the hexagon in the program " Hello Mr. Mayor " on Europe No. 1. For Chtmi return to local media : " Jean -Pierre Pernot did a good job on TF1 ... "
" Roanne rebel " as laborious department has too often overshadowed his wealth at the risk of seeing them fade and be detrimental to new businesses. After radiation through the textile town suffering from the economic crisis but not more or less than others. To have more time to explore the possibilities of our region in various fields, a little or not , and also to be aware of expertise Loire (42) it is very difficult to sink into pessimism ... As for the rumor lie the sun, which has invaded the Place de l'Hotel de Ville on Monday highlighted the effect of spotlights and place as well Roanne invariably under the spotlight !

Difficult to miss France 5 TV shows more than 5 hours of live broadcast, or slightly delayed and also reruns on national FR3 but also in the world with the relay TV 5 Monde and podcast on the internet. Noon time when France goes to table, Laurent Boyer and 6 (or 7) columnists serve finger food appetizer for viewers . Needless to say that the antenna is packed with information , anecdotes , many varied and richly documented reports, while this week the dish is gastronomy.

Vincent Ferniot open the ball yesterday with the famous Salmon with sorrel under the coaching of Pierre Troisgros which earned starred chef at a new medal : the Midi in France !

 We will gladly Economic enumeration of subjects offered to watch, without further ado images that show us Roanne and its region in 3 Dimensions.

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